Rosso Monza
His clients call him by name, without much formality, even if the word customer is not very appropriate.

He consider his clients 'friends' because who entrust you cars so precious must trust you blindly, as would trust only a great friend.

Emilio was born in 1961 in Monza from a modest family, where the father, owners of a garage, seeks to address his son to this job hoping he would make also his one. From here the passion for the cars.

Since the age of 14 years Emilio, begins to feel a strong interest in mechanics and in particular for the engines, starting to learn about sports cars of the past.

During the years, the desire to get better and better and new experiences brings him to attend professional courses and workshops specialized in the repair of prestigious cars such as Ferrari, Lancia, Bugatti and many others.

He participates in many sporting events on track and no, the most prestigious are Millemiglia and the Winter Maraton.

In '95, after 11 years of dealing with the mechanical department of the KCA, a company known worldwide for the restoration of vintage cars, he is hired as a mechanic at the dealership Ferrari for the Lombardia and in few years he becomes technical manager and test-driver of the prestigious brand.

In 2005, after a deeply felt decision he left the firm, in order to realize his secret dream, that was to create a handicraft activity where he could match the repair of luxury sporting cars as FERRARI with his old loving passion for the restoring, by using his skill as technician and by giving a new "breath" to the cars that had been "dull" for long.

Hence the birth of ROSSO MONZA.
The Team
Gordon Lorini has begun as a simple mechanic, but now he is a highly qualified technician and highly regarded by the friends of Rosso Monza.

Since 7 years, he works near Emilio on the Ferrari brand giving always the best, he follows the mechanical part assisted by Dario mechanic with experience, coming from the Formula 3000 and Mirko new member of the Team.

Francesco, electronics technician, is responsible of electronic part of the car, using sophisticated equipment and diagnostic systems.

Pietro, electricians with an experience of about 40 years, follows the electrical part of the historic cars.

And finally, David, a computer engineer, who is responsible for all management systems regarding the diagnosis, keeping up to date all the equipments of new generation.

These people, like all the other action carried out in Rosso Monza are coordinated and monitored by Emilio, who at the end of each intervention personally carry on the test of every car.

The winning strategy of Emilio is to have created with the technical staff a participation and a harmony worthy of a big family, where its members try to give their best to solve every single problem.
The Garage/Workshop
It is the central point of all the processes, the heart of all the sports preparations and of all repairs, the workshop reflect the Ferrari philosophy in terms of precision, professionalism, technique and passion. Located in Arcore, the workshop is a center of technical assistance where the technical staff is able to satisfy every little need thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems and specific equipment.